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American Power Products (APP) offers the unique ability to emergency plug your feedwater heater utilizing the following technologies: Explosive Welded Plugs, Proprietary Instaplugs, and Mechanical Tube Plugs.

American Power Products also has a robotic arm which allows for leaking tubes to be plugged while the unit is on line without entering the confined space of a hemispherical head utilizing remote control.

American Power Products (APP) is the single-source for heat transfer equipment services ranging from over the phone troubleshooting to complete turn key rebuilding projects at your facility. APP has 50 dedicated heat exchanger service technicians located throughout the United States with over 500 years of combined experience available 24/7 to help solve your heat transfer equipment problems.

Heat transfer equipment includes: tubular heat exchangers such as, condensers, feedwater heaters, oil coolers, cooling water coolers, evaporators, hydrogen coolers, air pre-heaters, air cooled exchangers, steam to hot water converters, reboilers, steam jet air ejectors, air cooled condensers, fin fan air coolers and other pressure vessels

American Power Products considers our customers as our boss and our employees as owners. APP technicians are trained and certified in order to facilitate safe, quality and efficient operations. Since our service is a direct reflection of the technician performing the work, APP offers monthly, semi-annual, and annual merit-based incentives for safety, quality, and profitability are awarded to deserving APP technicians. Management’s respect combined with our incentive program and the customer feedback from our “Service Survey” for each job performed helps insures the highest level of service in the industry. Our goal is to create Raving Fans in each of the customers we serve.

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Next to the boiler, the condenser is the next most important heat exchanger in the power plant. It is the primary source of feedwater contamination and has a direct impact on unit capacity and heat rate. Most condensers in service for 10 to 15 years experience severe capacity reduction caused by high tube failure rates. Factors contributing to tube failure are:  outside-diameter metal loss from steam impingement, pitting and grooving caused by galvanic or ammonia attack. And wear and tear from tube vibration at supports plates. Still other waterside conditions can lead to tube plugging which undermines condenser performance. When problems such as these are encountered, the advice of a full service company such as American Power Products is highly recommended. We can perform eddy current testing, hydrostatic tube testing and tube sample removal for various analyses. From this testing, we can advise as to whether a full or partial retubing or other repairs are necessary.  The report should include maps of all tubesheets, eddy-current strip charts, and repair recommendations.

Early planning:  Once the decision has been made to either partially or fully retube your condenser, the following questions need to be answered:
1. How much money should be budgeted for the project?
2. What are the qualifications of all prospective contractors?
3. Which contractors have the capability to assist writing the project specifications and in planning/scheduling?Sometimes the user may decide to write their own specification (see comments below).  After a list of qualified contractors has been compiled and a preliminary specification has been written, the user can conduct a pre-bid meeting and walk through in order to review the jobsite and specification as well as answer any questions that any prospective bidder may have.  Bid evaluation is the final step, with the contract awarded to the specialized retubing contractor who offers the most complete and accurate proposal as well as provides the best value.

Answer to the following questions will be immeasurably in writing specifications for the condenser retubing project:
1. Make and model of the condenser.
2. Condenser design and configuration.
3. Age, condition, and deterioration of the tubes.
4. Has the condenser ever been retubed before and why?
5. Quantity, OD, wall thickness, length and alloy of existing tubes.
6. New tube availability and cost?
7. Are other projects scheduled to take place in the vicinity of the condenser retubing? If so, how will those project(s) impact the condenser retubing?
8. Will weather be a factor in the retubing process?
9. Is there sufficient access for the removal, storage and installation of the condenser tubes?
10. Can the tubes be removed and installed from either condenser end?
11. Are there major interferences that must be removed in order to facilitate the retubing process?
12. Are there utilities in the general work area?
13. Will the condenser require blocking of spring supports?
14. Is structural support sufficient for moving the waterboxed or must the turbine room crane be used?
15. What are the waterbox dimensions?
16. Is there adequate storage for the waterboxed once they are removed?
17. Are there circulating water pipes, expansion joints, or other items to be removed, supported or replaced during the retubing process?
18. Does the condenser have any coating applied?
19. Who provides the replacement gaskets and associated hardware?
20. Is there access to both waterboxed and the condenser shell?
21. Number and type of plug? 
22. Are the tubes seal welded to the tubesheet?
23. Are the tubes flared?
24. Are the tubesheet holes serrated?
25. Do the tubes have inlet ferrules/inserts?
26. Are the tube ends flush with the tubesheet?
27. Are the tube ends expanded or packed into the tubesheet holes?
28. How thick are the the tubesheets and what is the tubesheet material? 
29. Are tubesheet holes or ligaments damaged? If so, what type of repair should be considered? 
30. Does the condenser have an expansion joint? If so, what condition is it in?
31. Have the existing tube ends been over expanded or work hardened?
32. How will the tubesheet and support plate holes be cleaned? How many support plates does the condenser have?
33. Procedure to follow should the tubes break during the extraction process and require removal by hand.
34. How many tubes should the contractor anticipate will break during the retubing process?
35. Chop old tubes into 6″ sections for disposal.
36. Who will dispose of the scrap tubing?
37. Is there any internal damages or misalignment of the tube supports?
38. Are there any internal shrouds?
39. Where are the new tubes to be stored?
40. What roller expansion method should be utilized during the tube end expansion process?
41. Will a standing hydro be required?
42. How are the new tubes to be handled in order to prevent damage to the replacement tubes?


American Power Services also has a robotic arm which allows for leaking tubes to be plugged while the unit is on line without entering the confined space of a hemispherical head utilizing remote control.

American Power Services has one-of-a-kind, industry-unique tools, technical expertise and experienced technical support to assist your crew in performing tubular heat exchanger, large or small condenser and high pressure heater retubing.

Specialized Tool Rental
Get what you need fast and easy by making American Power Services your single source for tools. Over the years we have invented and produced unique, specialized tools that aren’t available from anyone else – anywhere! We’ve got all the tools to get the job done right.
Here is a partial list:
  • Tube removal 
  • Hydraulic Tube Puller
  • Tube Chopping Machines with Stand
  • Tube Installation
  • Tube Hole Restoration Tool
  • Expanding, Trimming & Flaring
  • Rolling Motors
  • Expanders
  • Air Hammers with Flaring Tool
  • Expendable Tool Supplies
  • Internal Tube Cutters
  • Power Tube Strippers
  • Tube Joint Milling Tool
  • Tube Hole Burnishing Tool
  • BWG Tube Pilots
  • Torque Analyzer
  • Rolls
  • Mandrels
  • Tube Hole and Tubesheet Hole Gauges

We provide:

  • Carbide Ball Burrs
  • Lube-a-Tube
  • Chopper Blades
  • Expander 3-Roll & 5-Roll
  • Spare Roll Set
  • Small Diameter Thrust Collar
  • Tubesheet Hole Reamers
  • Stainless Steel Wire Brushes
  • Internal Tube Cutter Blades
  • Milling Tool Blades
  • Tube Support Plate Hole Cleaning Brushes
  • Spare Mandrel
  • Tubesheet Hole Cleaning Brushes
  • Hydraulic Tube Extractor, Grippers and Draw Bars

On-site Tool Maintenance and Repair Services
American Power technicians will be on site during the retubing to maintain or immediately repair damaged or worn tools, insuring a smooth, efficient job that’s completed on time.

On-site Technical Support Services
Our knowledge and experience will improve your crew’s efficiency and insure the highest quality project. An American Power professional remains on-site throughout the retubing to ensure proper use of tools, and provide expert advice on the design and operation of your heat exchanger. We will help you achieve the optimum results-a properly retubed heat exchanger that will provide years of trouble free service.

Failure Analysis and Engineering Redesign
We will help ensure your crew solves the problem and not just treat the symptoms. We will thoroughly test, visually inspect and evaluate your equipment to pinpoint problems while the equipment is being retubed. American Power offers solution to permanently correct past problems and increase long-term reliability and efficiency.

Pre-Job Planning and Project Management
American Power specialists can help you analyze and schedule upcoming repairs to expedite and streamline the project while maximizing crew efficiency.


American Power Products provides high-quality service and. engineering expertise to all types of industry, including steel mills, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills and industrial manufactures.

American Power Products can help you minimize downtime by rebuilding, retubing, redesign, repairing or providing replacement tubular heat exchangers, tube cleaning, tube plugging, tube extraction service, as well as many others.

Besides power plants, we also perform our services at:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Chemical Process Plants
  • Refineries
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Food and Drug Manufacturing Plants
  • Marine Repair Facilities
  • Hospitals and Commercial Building

We can perform our services on, but not. limited to the following equipment

  • U-tube Heat Exchangers
  • Evaporators
  • Finned Coils
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Shell and Tube Bundles
  • Condensers
  • Various Other Tubular Heat Exchangers

Below is a partial list of the service offering currently offered by American Power Services:

  • Specialized Tool Rental and Technical Support
  • Pressure Testing
  • NDE Services such as Eddy Current Tube Testing
  • Tube, Shell, and Tube Bundle Cleaning
  • Tube Sleeving, Liner, and Insert Installation
  • Rebuild, Rebundle, Fabricate New and Replace Heat Exchangers
  • Engineering and Failure Analysis
  • Redesign and Retrofit
  • Specialized Tool Rental and Technical Support
  • Engineering Analysis can be Conducted to Maintain or Improve Heat Transfer or to Eliminate Problems that are Causing Poor Performance or Unnecessary Failures.


An experienced American Power Products technician can be at your facility within hours.

American Power Products provides 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week service nationwide.

Call us for:

  • Explosive Tube Plugging & Sleeving
  • Mechanical Tube Plugging
  • On-Site TroubleShooting
  • Eddy Current Tube Testing
  • Hydrostatic Tube Testing
  • Sleeves and Full or Partial Length Liners
  • Tube Sheet and Channel Repairs
  • On-Site Heat Exchanger Removal and Spare Installation
  • Leak Testing
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Tube Removal
  • Tube Joint Leak Repairs and Expansions
  • ASME Code Welding (R, U, and S Stamps)



American Power Products uses sophisticated testing equipment to determine the exact location, nature and severity of a problem. The following services can help you resolve problems and assess the condition of your heat transfer equipment:

Eddy Current / Remote Field Tube Testing
This reliable, inexpensive test locates tubes which show signs of deterioration or are about to fail and pinpoints the problem area along the length of the tube. Early diagnosis can help prevent troublesome problems or catastrophic failures and extend heat exchanger life. Eddy current testing can find pits, cracks, ID and OD erosion and corrosion, grooving, vibration damage, and denting in any non-magnetic tube material including copper-nickels, admiralty brass, 300 series stainless steel, inconel, aluminum, and others. Finned tubes of these materials can also be tested. Magnetic tube material such as carbon steel and 400 series stainless steel is tested using state-of-the-art remote field testing equipment.

Ultrasonic Testing
Detect flaws in tubing, shells and tubesheets to prevent potential problems and shutdowns. Take advantage of this testing service to perform piping and vessel thickness surveys using contact and immersion methods, longitudinal and shear wave.

Dye Penetrant Testing
Detects in-service fatigue failure and surface discontinuities.

Magnetic Particle Testing
We can provide surface and subsurface inspection of ferromagnetic materials through wet and dry, visible and fluorescent methods.

Hydrostatic Testing
We can perform hydrostatic testing (utilizing high-pressure water) and evaluation of individual tubes, entire heat exchanger bundles or pressure vessels.

Visual Inspections
Our inspections ensure that your equipment meets all industry standards and that welds and fabrication are correct. Our technicians are EPRI Level II trained and certified.

Boroscopic Testing
Testing includes a visual inspection for internal heat exchanger and tube failures using fiberoptic and rigid boroscopes, including photography or videotape.

Metallurgical Analysis
We perform tests on the soundness, reliability, and root cause failure analysis of the metal components of your system including scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, chemical hardness spectographic analysis, and alloy analysis.

Our experienced technicians can diagnose and analyze test results to pinpoint the cause of problems and propose the best solutions. We draw from our comprehensive repair and engineering experience to correct the problems. Recommendations include:

  • Internal Structural /change
  • Review and Correction of Operating Procedures
  • Reconditionging of Eroded Tubesheets or Cavities
  • Sleeving and Inlet Inserts
  • Grinding Out and Rewelding Internal Weld Cracks
  • Rebuilding

Re-Engineering & Equipment Analysis
American Power Products can evaluate thermal and mechanical performance of all types of heat transfer equipment, based on their design and actual performance. We can then make recommendations to optimize performance and reduce maintenance. All tubular heat exchangers can be reviewed, analyzed, and redesigned to provide years of useful life beyond the original design.



Before you replace costly equipment, talk to an American Power Products professional about our proven, cost-effective retubing and rebuilding services.

A repair performed by American Power Products can extend the life of existing equipment 20 to 30 years, helping you avoid a major capital expense. We are fully equipped to rebuild heat exchangers regardless of size – either at our ASME code shop or on-site at your facility.

Full Engineering Support
Our thermal and mechanical engineers can provide options for alternate rebuilding materials or to redesign your heat exchanger to meet new performance criteria. We can also analyze and correct any problems or redesign the heat exchanger in order to eliminate the root cause of previous failures or design flaws which caused the heater or condenser to fail

Quick and Cost-Efficient
In most cases, on-site retubing can be done in just a few weeks. Our computerized project planning and scheduling keep you constantly apprised of project progress. We can permanently repair most feedwater heaters and condensers for approximately 25%-50% of the cost of installing a new replacement heat exchanger.

Proven Procedures and Methods Guarantee Results
Following a thorough examination of your equipment, our engineers will provide a comprehensive report regarding the reasons for previous tube failures along with recommendations for corrective action. With the channel open and the shell removed, the tubes are cut and removed from the tube bundle. Tube supports plates, zone shrouds, tie rods, and spacers are inspected, cleaned,  and replaced if necessary. Tube stubs are removed from the tube sheet and tube holes are cleaned, inspected, and prepared for new tube installation.

The new tubes are carefully installed, with great care taken to prevent scratching, scoring, denting, and bending. Tubes are positioned in the tubesheet and then mechanically or explosively expanded.

The shell is reinstalled and an air test is performed to check for tube joint leaks, with re-expansion performed as needed. Then the channel is closed and the unit is hydrotested. When applicable, a code stamp is applied as required to the vessel and it is returned to service.

For the highest quality and most efficient rebuilding service available, call American Power Services.


American Power Products can design and fabricate a heat exchanger for you on-site or at our ASME certified code shop.

When equipment can’t be installed due to space limitations, we can disassemble and remove the old heat exchanger in place, fabricate a new shell and internal components at our ASME Code shop in Erlanger, Ky. and assemble the new heat exchanger on site.


American Power Products has on hand a variety of items available for purchase and utilization by plant personnel.  Such items include,but aren’t necessarily limited to:

Tube Plugs

  • Explosive Tube Plugs and Sleeves
  • Mechanical Drive-In Plugs
  • Expandable Rubber Condenser Tube Plugs
  • Dummy Tubes
  • New Heat Activated Instaplugs

Tube Cleaning Equipment:

  • Various Types of Metal Scrapers
  • Various Types of Plastic Scrubbers
  • Various Types of Nylon Brushes
  • Flex Shaft Cleaners
  • Cutting and Buffing Tools and Tube Cleaning Drill Bits

Tube Inserts and Liners:

  • Inlet Inserts
  • Full Length Tube Liners
  • Tubesheet Repair Patches
  • Instaleeves for Tubes Repair a a Specific Location Along the Tube


  • Design and Manufacture of ASME Code and Non-Code Heat Exchanger.
  • Re-Design and Upgrade Heat Exchangers to Enhance Performance and Reliability.
  • Perform Failure Analysis on Heat Exchangers and Provide a Writer Report of the Root Cause for Failure Along with Recommendations for Corrective Action.

Retubing/Rebuilding Tools and Consumables:

  • Tube End Expansion Lubricant
  • Replacement Tube End Expanders, Mandrels and Rolls
  • Tube End Facing Tools and Replacement Blades
  • Belling/Flaring Tools
  • Internal Tube Cutters and Replacement Blades

Heat Exchanger Components and Materials:

  • Manufacture New Components such as Support Plates, End Plates, Tube Sheets, Channels, Shells, Shrouds, Pass Partitions, Impingement Plates, etc.
  • Furnish Straight, Finned and U-bent Tubing for New or Rebuilding Projects
  • Replacement Gaskets
  • New Manyways and Waterbox Openings
  • Anti Vibration Tube Stakes
  • Replacement Expansion Joints
  • Replacement Hardware and Fasteners
  • Replacement Tube and Tubesheet Packing and Packing Glands
  • Replacement Lantern Rings
  • Spool Sections for Defective or Eroded h= Heat Exchanger Shells
  • Spreader Beams for Lifting of Tube Crates
  • Deaerator Trays and Screens
  • Epoxy Coating Materials
  • Replacement Torus and Retaining Rings
  • Tie Rods and Spacers
  • Replacement Flanges