Hamon Power Services, Inc. was incorporated on May 28, 1985 and was headquartered in Glendale, Wisconsin. The company was formed as a Joint Venture between Hamon Sobelco SA, Brussels, Belgium and several key employees of the new company.

The initial thrust of the company was to provide non-destructive testing services, thermal and mechanical engineering, explosive welding of feedwater heater tube plugs, and field and shop retubing of heat exchangers for the electric utility industry.

Hamon Sobelco’s many years of heat exchanger design, engineering, R&D, quality control, and installations, as well as their plant start-ups and operations throughout the world, were tied to the many years of utility plant maintenance and troubleshooting experience of the U.S. management.

The objective was to provide a single source company for the balance of plant system design and performance. This goal was to be achieved with equipment troubleshooting, testing and repair to extend the life of plant heat exchangers, condensers, feedwater heaters, oil coolers, hydrogen coolers, evaporators, air preheaters, reboilers, and other tubular heat exchangers.

With Hamon Sobelco’s objectives to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and approved vendor status throughout the U.S., an effort was put forth to eventually become a major architect-engineer and turnkey construction contractor. This effort was focused mainly on high-quality services to achieve customer satisfaction, confidence, trust, and loyalty. This same effort is carried forward in today’s company mission.

In 1993, Hamon Sobelco sold its Sobelco division to GEC Alstrom from France and removed itself from the balance of the plant utility business. At this time, Hamon offered to sell its portion of their U.S. interests in Hamon Power Services to the existing management team. The purchase took place on June 30, 1994. The name remained Hamon Power Services until January 1, 1997 when the company was renamed American Power Services Inc.

Under the present management team, American Power Products (current name) has grown at a rate of 25% per year since July 1994 when the employees first purchased the company. Since that time, we have expanded our service offerings, yet remained specifically focused on services provided for tubular heat exchangers. 

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